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Online Exmination July 2021 Information

Date sheet for online GNDU Examinations July 2021
B.A.B.Sc. Semester-II Please Download
B.A. B.Sc. Semester-IV Please Download
B.A. B.Sc. Semester-VI Please Download
BCA Semester-II , IV & VI Please Download
B.Sc.-I.T Semester-II , IV &VI Please Download
B.Com. Semester-II , IV & VI Please Download
B.Com.(F. Services) Semester-II & IV Please Download
M.A.(All Subjects) Semester-II Please Download
M.A.(All Subjects) Semester-IV Please Download
M.Sc. (IT) Semesters-II & IV Please Download
M.Sc. (CS) Semesters-II & IV Please Download
M.Com. Semesters- II & IV Please Download
PGDCA Semester-II Please Download
DCA Semester-II Please Download

For latest revised datesheet\Notification and instruction kindly Visit GNDU website time to time or click here to go datesheet link

Self declaration is mendatory for giving examinations for promoted class. Download , fill and submit it in the registrar office by 10-07-2021 Download here
Urgent notice regarding syllabus for Reappear candidate Examinations July 2021 Please Download
Urgent notice regarding syllabus for Reappear candidate Examinations July 2021 Please Download
Urgent notice for promoted students (Those want to give examinations) Please Download
Theory and practical Examination (July 2021) related important notices for students. Please Download
Examination notice from GNDU Please Download

GNDU Notice regarding cancellation of final examinations and results declaration for all the classes. Ignore all the previous notices regarding examinations. click here to download.Updated on 06-07-2020
Notice regarding postpone of papers of Final Semester students updated on 29-06-2020 Please Download

Chandigarh, June 28
Responding to concerns expressed by students and parents on the conduct of examinations in the midst of the Covid pandemic, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Sunday announced postponement of exams for the Exit classes in all the universities of the state till July 15.
The final decision on the subject will, however, be subject to the new directions/guidelines expected to be released by the University Grants Commission (UGC) any time.
Seeking to allay all confusion and uncertainty on this count, the Chief Minister said the postponement till July 15 will also give all the stakeholders, especially the universities, time to adapt and align to the new guidelines that will come from UGC.
An official spokesperson said the Chief Minister felt there was need to remove confusion from the minds of students, teachers and parents regarding safe conduct of examinations.
It may be recalled that Punjab’s universities had taken a decision to conduct exams of Exit classes in the month of July 2020, in accordance with the guidelines issued by UGC on April 29. The UGC had then announced that it will review the situation against. However, the decision regarding academic activities, especially conduct of examinations, is still awaited from UGC.
The Chief Minister has been repeatedly pointing out that since all the universities and colleges in Punjab are accredited/affiliated to UGC, any decision on the exams can only be taken by the statutory body under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. Received message from Mr Robin Kumar registrar's office BUC College Batala.

Urgent Notice for collecting roll number for final semester students updated on 27-06-2020 Please Download
Class wise Schedule for collecting roll number for final examination for final semester students updated on 27-06-2020 Please Download
Examination duties of adhoc staff and dupty superintendent outside duties updated on 26-06-2020 Please Download

Please collect your duty and singed in the Registrar office before 29.06.2020 (10.00 am to 01.00 pm.).
From Robin Kumar

Urgent notice for practical examination of terminal Semesters (UG/PG) uploaded on 23-06-2020 Please Download
Instructions for students to participate in Mission Fateh announced by honourable CM of Punjab Captain Amrinder Singh Ji updated on 18-06-2020.

All the students of BUC College, Batala are directed to participate in the Mission Warrior Contest on mandatory basis. Punjab to Recognise ‘Mission Fateh Warriors’, Introduces Points-Based System in COVA App In this unique initiative, the Punjab government has introduced a daily points system under its anti-COVID ‘Mission Fateh’, in which users of the state’s COVA app can register daily precautions they are following against corona virus, with regular users being recognised as ‘Mission Fateh Warriors’ Teachers are also requested to mention about Mission Fateh and Covid-19 precautions to their students in the online classes.

Instructions for students to install and use COVA Punjab APP updated on 18-06-2020

COVA Punjab (Corona Virus Alert) App has been developed by Government of Punjab to provide citizens with preventive care information and other government advisories. The app has following main sections for citizens:
1. Real time dashboard for Punjab, India and global stats
2. To check for symptoms of Corona and have a quick self-screening
3. Corona Awareness
4. Traveling instructions
5. Prevention Products
6. Corona Hospitals, Punjab
7. FAQ
8. Call Support
You will receive updates from government, advisories and instructions from time to time via PUSH notification on the App.
This App will provide quick information and help to you. You should definitely visit nearest hospital / doctor in-case you develop novel corona virus symptoms.
Following are the Links to download COVA Punjab APP:
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=in.gov.punjab.cova&hl=en_IN (For Android)
https://apps.apple.com/in/app/cova-punjab/id1501977319 (For ios)

Notice for students to download COVA APP updated on 18-06-2020. Please Download
Urgent Safety Protocol norms for conducting July 2020 terminal Examinations of GNDU for students, staff & College uploaded on 12-06-2020. Please Download
Regarding quarantine of other state students in Covid-19 updated on 10-06-2020 Please Download
Reminder against the Notice for all HoD's or Incharges of different departments of BUC College regarding online awareness classes on legal litracy and necessary precautions for students.

Please send the details hand written report by mentioning also the time and date and also screen shot of the group on which the class had been taken.

Please send the online report by tomorrow(08-06-2020) of online classes. those who haven't sent even once will have to sent it postively otherwise you have to give explanation to the Secretary district legal service authority Gurdaspur

Urgent Instructions and guidelines for students regarding the examinations of July 2020 updated on 04-06-2020. Please Download
Instructions for the examination staff regarding examination duties updated on 04-06-2020. Please Download
Notice for all the Head of departments regarding the completion of syllabus updated on 03-06-2020 Please Download
Date Sheet for Various Classes (Terminal Semesters Only) for the July 2020 Examinations
Datesheet of practical of BA/BSc-VI Semester, BCA-VI, BSc-IT VI Semester, MSc(IT)-VI Semester & MSc(CS)-VI Semester for July 2020 updated on 24-06-2020 Please Download
Practical Datesheet of PGDCA & DCA uploaded on 23-06-2020 Please Download
Instructions regarding date sheet of July 2020 Examinations updated on 23-05-2020 Please Download
Schedule for Practical Examination of BA/B.Sc, Semester-VI updated on 21-05-2020 Please Download
1. M.Sc. (Information Technology) Semesters- IV Datesheet updated on 20-05-2020 Please Download
2. M.Sc. (Computer Science) Semesters- IV Datesheet updated on 20-05-2020 Please Download
3. Revised M.Com. Semesters- IV Datesheet updated on 10-06-2020 Please Download
4. M.A. (Hindi, Punjabi, English) Semester-IV Datesheet updated on 20-05-2020 Please Download
5. (PGDCA) Semester-II Datesheet updated on 20-05-2020 Please Download
6. Revised B.A. B.Sc. Semester-VI Datesheet updated on 10-06-2020 Please Download
7. BCA VI Semester Datesheet updated on 20-05-2020 Please Download
8. B.Sc(IT) VI Semester Datesheet updated on 20-05-2020 Please Download
9. Revised B.Com VI Semester Datesheet updated on 10-06-2020 Please Download
Instructions Received from GNDU regarding the Examinations for the session 2019-20 updated on 20-05-2020 Please Download
Notice regarding Summer vacations updated on 15-5-2020 Please Download
Notice containing the details for submitting the examination forms and fees for re-scheduled May/June 2020 examinations Please Download
Notice for all HoD's or Incharges of different departments of BUC College regarding online awareness classes on legal litracy and necessary precautions for students updated on 13-05-2020 Please Download
Public Notice Regarding Redressal of Grievances Related to COVID-19 Pandemic Updated on 11-05-2020 Please Download
Notice for students Regarding Online Counseling Cell of BUC College, Batala

This is for the information of all the students of BUC College Batala that an Online Counseling Cell for Students is functional in the College. This Cell will look after the stress related and other problems of students during the crisis of COVID- 19.
Any student who needs help in this context is requested to contact the following staff members:

BUC College, Batala.

Message From Online Counseling Cell for students of BUC College, Batala .

Today the whole world is facing COVID-19 (Corona Virus), a pandemic that has changed life for millions of people. Majority of the people are locked at home as part of precautionary/preventive measures as per the instructions by the government. Besides there are many warriors, who are working to help and prevent/restrict the viral infection. As days of social distancing turn into weeks and then months, many people are facing a greater sense of isolation, depression, anxiety, fear etc. They are dealing with the uncertainty of when and how this pandemic will end. They also have a fear of getting infected. Feeling depressed, isolated and hopeless is just normal at this time. So, we suggest you the following to avoid any kind of stress and isolation :- Stay connected and have consistent sharing of ideas and your feelings with your family and friends, as it can help ti cope with isolation.

While the current crisis is stressful for everyone, people who already have conditions like anxiety or depression may be at more risk. During such challenging time, hope can be a powerful force. All of us need the reassurance and the hope that we shall overcome this.
So, keep yourself Calm and remember an old Persian saying “This too shall Pass”. Everything will be fine in the end, so the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. In this manner you will be able to conquer the fear and other negative emotions and feelings.
Besides you are also suggested to be involved in your studies. If you find any problem in studies, you can contact the concerned teacher of the college, as BUC College, Batala has already uploaded the Mobile numbers of all the teachers on the official website and face book page.
Hope after reading the above suggestions, you must be feeling better.
You can give your feedback online.
In case if you find any kind of above mentioned problems, feel free to contact us.
Best wishes!
From: Dr. Rajni Bala (Mobile no. 9417195262).
Prof. Neeraj Kumar Sharma (Mobile no.9814404333)
Members Online Student counseling Cell BUC College, Batala

Notice Regarding Senitization arrangements in awake of corona From DPI Colleges Please Download
Notice regarding to create counseling cell for students during lockdown Please Download
Academic Calander 2019-20 & 2020-21 from UGC for teachers and students Please Download
Notice and letters regarding IGOT (Integrated Govt. Online Training)

As per following letter received from DPI Colleges during this pandemic of covid-19 online courses(IGOT)has been launched for various officers as well as for NCC cadets, NSS Volunteers, Red Cross Society and other Volunteers. The in-charges/officers of NCC/NSS/YRC are directed to send the details of completed course by 30.4.2020. The URL of training website is https://igot.gov.in . Please find the notices, letters and other details regarding the same from the following links:

IGOT Notice for In-charges of NCC, NSS, YRC and Other Volunteers services Please Download

IGOT letter received from DPI Please Download

Details about IGOT courses on Diksha platform on COVID-19 pandemic Please Download

IGOT Courses list Revised Mapping of Modules for Training-17 April 2020 Please Download

Notice for HoD's regarding Completion of Syllabus Please Download
Notice for Students and teachers regarding the Issues related to examinations and academic calendar from UGC Please Download
Notice From GNDU for the staff of Colleges signed by Principal of the BUC College Batala Please Download

For all teachers and students regarding for Bharat Padhe Online campaign

Govt of India Inviting ideas/ suggestions for Bharat Padhe Online campaign The last date for sending the ideas/suggestions is 16th April, 2020.
Please download the following letter signed by Principal of the college.

Notice Regarding Invitation of ideas suggestions for Bharat Padhe Online campaign signed by Principal

Letter for Inviting ideas suggestions for Bharat Padhe Online campaign

Regarding Installation of Aarogya Setu App on your Mobiles

As per letter received from UGC all the Students and teachers are advised to install the Aarogya Setu Mobile app on your mobile phones. Aarogya Setu is a mobile application developed by the Government of India to connect essential health services with the people of India in our combined fight against COVID-19. The App is aimed at augmenting the initiatives of the Government of India, particularly the Department of Health, in proactively reaching out to and informing the users of the app regarding risks, best practices and relevant advisories pertaining to the containment of COVID-19.
Please follow the following links to install or you can directly install from apple store/Play store

For Android user:https://play.google.com/store/apps/

For Apple Users:https://apps.apple.com/in/app/aarogyasetu/id1505825357

Please download the attached letter signed by Principal of the College for Regarding the same.

Notice for Downloading Aarogya Setu App on Mobiles signed by Principal

Letter regarding Downloading Aarogya Setu App on Mobiles

For all teachers and students regarding links for online learning

Dear students and teachers as we jointly combat covid-19 by taking preventive and precautionary measures, maintaining social distancing and staying in the confines of our homes/hostels. We can utilize this time productively by engaging in online learning. There are several ICT initiative of MHRD and UGC for the online learning. With the directions of UGC we are sharing the letter containing the list of some ICT initiatives along with their links.
Please download the letter and follow the provided links for online learning.

Links of On-Line Learning ICT-initiatives of MHRD and UGC.

Other Related Links